Empty Cellar & Secret Seven on KUSF 90.3 – listen to the Archives

If you missed Arvel (Empty Cellar) and Greg’s (Secret Seven) ten (60) minutes of fame on DJ Mashi Mashi’s show on KUSF 90.3, and are dying to hear the sneak preview of the unreleased track “Song of Songs” from the Sandwitches upcoming Duck Duck Goose EP, then you can listen to the radio show on the KUSF archives. Our spot is the third hour of the show, but you should listen to the whole thing because DJ Mashi Mashi rules. Hopefully we didn’t sound like nervous fools. Also, the real stars are Goose, Dottie, and Esme (featured above). Oh, and major props to David from Ukiah who sang the Grateful Dead’s “Standing on the Moon” to me over the phone to win a copy of Secret Seven’s In a Cloud compilation.

Listen to the show on the KUSF archives

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