The Sandwitches at SxSW 2011

The Sandwitches left San Francisco for SxSW yesterday morning. On their way, they stopped in at the pressing plant to pick up 100 copies of Mrs. Jones’ Cookies on vinyl. Go see them live at one of the events below and be the first to own their new album. We, the label, haven’t even seen them yet!

The Sandwitches at SxSW 2011

Wednesday (3/16)
3:30 pm: My Old Kentucky Blog Is Gettin’ Frunk as Duck, Peckerheads, 402 E. 6th St

Thursday (3/17)
4:00 pm: The Eastbound Getdown, Thunderbird Coffee, 1500 E. 2nd St.
8:00 pm: Forest Family x Transparent Showcase, The Double Down Lounge, 515 Pedernales St
10:30 pm: Wiretap Showcase, The Liberty, 1618 East 6th St.

Friday (3/18)
2:00 pm: Karibu Party, Karibu Ethiopian Restaurant, 1209 East 7th Street
5:30 pm: SFit all SxSW Showcase, The Vortex, 2307 Manor Road

Saturday (3/19)
1:15 pm: Trailer Space “Nerves Day”, Trailer Space, 1401-A Rosewood
9:30 pm: True Panther Sounds, Shangri-La, 1016 E. 6th St

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