Earth Girl Helen Brown – Venus

“she’s back to tackle love with this Venus EP and this song “Chains Of Love,” which has a little Dolly Parton, a little Patti Smith, a little sha-la-la girl-group L-U-V and of course some of the Raincoats righteousness she had last time, too. That naturally adds up to a real-deal heartbreaker of a song, something with just as much power and tragedy and hope as her last EP. But if that one was about inhumanity, this one is about humanity.”
LA Record

Dear Friends,

Empty Cellar Records and the Earth Girl Helen Brown Center for Planetary Intelligence Band (E.G.H.B.C.P.F.I.B.) are pleased to announce the fourth and final installment of the first E.G.H.B.C.P.F.I.B. seasonal series. The season is Winter, the planet is VENUS, the topic is Love. Read all about the series via an interview with The Grey Estates

Featuring Heidi Alexander, Tahlia Harbour, Graeme Gibson, James Finch Jr., Jamin Barton, Rusty Miller, Kelley Stoltz, Doug Hilsinger, Ryan Browne, Brigid Dawson, Grace Cooper, Anna Hillburg, Meryl Press, Alicia Vanden Heuvel, Lida Vanden Heuvel, Kearin Harlow and Wilder Harlow. VENUS aspires toward a softer more lustrous operation with hearts and minds in the fold of that ever human emotion.

Available from Empty Cellar Records on limited edition 100% post-consumer recycled cassette tape 2/14, all proceeds benefit organizations committed to the expansion of love and empathy as an antidote the absurd and vacuous practice of enmity.

Order venus by Earth Girl Helen Brown HERE

Empty Cellar Records/E.G.H.B.C.F.P.I.B.

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