Listen Now: Pillars and Tongues Daytrotter Session!

Pillars & Tongues recorded a Daytrotter session during their fall tour in support of Lay of Pilgrim Park. The result is a lush, richly textured, recording of a beautiful performance. It is hard to believe that three people are able to produce so much sound with so many powerful harmonies. We highly recommended listening to “My Word”. This session, featuring new material, is a perfect compliment to their Dublab Sprout Session from the same tour. (((Listen now)))

The Sandwitches Announce a Record Release Party for Mrs. Jones’ Cookies

This Sunday, March 6th, The Sandwitches will perform the entirety of their new album Mrs. Jones’ Cookies (in stores March 29th) at The Make-Out Room in San Francisco. Some form of the Album will be for sale at the show along with amazing limited-edition posters (depicted above), all screen printed with a metallic gold cookies by Heidi Alexander herself. Don’t worry, there will be edible cookies too.

Here is some of what peeps are saying about this "long-awaited, soul-piercing new long-player" so far:

“The new record finds former Fresh & Onlys Heidi & Grace at the height of their powers, a perfect marriage of the group’s genre-spanning debut and their darker, haunting/heartbreaking Duck Duck Goose EP.” – Gorilla vs. Bear

“The trio’s sublime mix of of soul, folk, Americana and indie-rock, underpinned by their characteristic haunting lo-fi sound, is invariably bewitching and beautiful, managing to tick all of the what’s-hot-in-music-now boxes, while still sounding completely individual.” – Wears The Trousers

“Grace Cooper and Heidi Alexander make the kind of goodnatured but haunting garage rock that sounds familiar because it’s always been there in your head when you’re riding your bike around, waiting to be imagined, and with voices that sound like Kate Bush sometimes and Natalie Merchant other times, they’re really irresistible.” – Pretty Much Amazing

“Their voices are sung in such a way that it sounds as if a girl group would have members containing angels that harp to the heavens above.” – Twenty Seven Views

“like the soundtrack to a Halloween hoedown. The country swing mixes with haunting three-girl harmonies to paint a scene of party-goers in convincing zombie costumes square-dancing the night away. The harmonies swirl around with just enough twang while guitars crunch along in down-home tones; reminding listeners to not be distracted by the strangely haunting mood, and to remember that the Sandwitches want only to bring listeners a small slice of true-gritty Americana.” – Visitation Rites

“Something about the Sandwitches just always puts me in a cool mood. If you like cool moods, you should listen to the Sandwitches. Fun and smart tunes, sometimes they’re rock and roll or sometimes they’re like a pal sitting on your couch.” – Fuck Yeah Go Team

…and of course:

“The ten songs on Mrs. Jones’ Cookies stand as a doorway leading to the House of God. The music of these three cascade in and out like active and passive expressions of the Divine Energy. Sometimes high, sometimes low, Sulfur and Salt, Good and Bad, Light and Darkness, that, when placed in the proper chamber of initiation graft into one androgynous creature that blazes forth eternal verities revealing temporal truths.” – Sonny Smith

Pre-order your own copy HERE

Sonny & The Sunsets in Australia with… The Clean!!!

The Cairo Gang to perform three nights in the Pacific northwest

The Cairo Gang will be sailing his ghost ship to the Pacific Northwest to play three solo shows in support of Alexi Murdoch next week.

March 7 – Portland at the Doug Fir Lounge
March 8 – Seattle at the Tractor Tavern
March 9 – Vancouver at the Biltmore Cabaret

In other related news… The Cairo Gang is working through a new album; and last weekend, we received a deeply haunted tune from The Cairo Gang that will be pressed on a very special upcoming project.

Pick up a copy of The Cairo Gang’s 7″ e.p. Holy Clover or either of his recent co-writes with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Island Brothers & The Wondershow of The World before the shows.

Listen Now! pillars and tongues – Live dublab “sprout session” 09-15-10

“I heard these songs once before a long time ago. It could have been a dream but the air was crisp and the fog swirled in wisps so chill my skin vibrated…” – Frosty, Dublab

Pillars and Tongues stopped in at Dublab with friends The Updied Sound during their epic fall tour in support of Lay of Pilgrim Park (Empty Cellar). The result is a beautiful 30 minute Sprout Session that is a truly rewarding listen start to finish. ((( listen now on dublab )))

…and while you’re at it, tune in to the ((( dubstream ))) for and endless stream of amazing tunes. Really, dublab is a sonic goldmine. Check out the Rodriguez session, por ejemplo.