Joan of Arc Presents: Don’t Mind Control (feat. Pillars and Tongues & The Cairo Gang) – OUT TODAY!

41+ members strong — the Joan of Arc extended family comes together for 18 exclusive songs curated by Joan of Arc frontman Tim Kinsella. Released today (January, 26th) on Polyvinyl Records!

Joan of Arc Presents: Don’t Mind Control features new songs by 18 rad artists who have played in Joan of Arc at one time or another including Empty Cellar’s very own Pillars and Tongues and The Cairo Gang!

Track Listing:
1. Litesalive: Uwar
2. Disappears: Guider
3. Birdshow: Privacy
4. A Tundra: The Doug McComb Over
5. Owen: No More No Where
6. White/Light: Kickstart
7. Euphone w/Tim Kinsella: Friend in Common
8. Slick Conditions: Spit in Layers
9. Cale Parks: Long Looks
10. Joshua Abrams: Blanes Echo Blirds, Bless Echo Blouds
11. The Cairo Gang: Oh Solo
12. Tim Kinsella: Roots Dug into Dunes = Landslide
13. Jeremy Boyle: Second Door From the Left
14. The Zoo Wheel: Flicker
15. Vacations: Friday the 13th Part 2
16. Pillars and Tongues: Oakey
17. Ghosts and Vodka: Gameshow Buzzer
18. Birthmark: Drivin’ Me Crazy

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